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As a current or prospective homeowner, you’re bound to need a plumber. Look no further than Edwards Plumbing of Cottage Grove, MN.

Whether your bathroom project is new home construction, remodeling, or just a simple plumbing repair, Edwards Plumbing will assist you and educate you every step of the way. Edwards Plumbing offers quality workmanship, friendly local service, and competitive pricing no matter how large or small your job may be. We provide services in bathroom plumbing installation, bathroom plumbing repairs, and weatherizing for your home, plus much more.

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Imagine expanding and enhancing your Bathroom space.
Once you’ve decided to remodel the bathroom, it’s tempting to rush out to a bathroom showroom and buy your dream fixtures, but that approach will lead to remodel hassles and a busted wallet. With a few key considerations, you can turn your bathroom redesign into a faster, less costly affair with more pleasing results.

• Style – Your bathroom should match both the style of your home and your taste. A grand Victorian bathroom would look out of place in a ranch-style house and a Tudor manse is not the place for a space age shower. You could include a modern shower head panel though. When in doubt, go with classic styles and clean lines and choose inviting colors that will continue to be popular years from now, but which also suit your tastes.

• Space – Some people are fortunate to have vast bathrooms. Others must contend with tiny spaces wedged in as an afterthought. Knowing your space limitations from the beginning gives you a better idea of what’s feasible. You don’t want to end up with an oversized tub you have to step in to get to the toilet.

• Layout – Some remodels can make a bathroom worse. If a room is poorly laid out to begin with, simply replacing the fixtures with today’s larger models could make the room more cramped. Before you start, consider how you use the bathroom, especially whether you need a separate shower and tub and a one-sink or two-sink vanity. You may find that your needs and wants are different and can adjust your goals accordingly.

• Lighting – Ever tried to shave or apply makeup with a single overhead bulb? Recessed lighting is popular in modern bathrooms, but you should also install ample light over the shower and vanity. Adding light isn’t enough, though. You should also compare the light fixtures to the paint color. Yellow-tinged light bulbs and blue paint could result in your skin looking very green. Aim for a combination that produces natural light.

• Maintenance – No one enjoys cleaning the bathroom. Choose surfaces and fixtures that resist stains, mold, and water marks to make maintenance less frequent and cleaning easier.

Keep Your Bathroom Remodel on a Budget
You’ve heard the horror stories about bathroom redesigns that ballooned in time and budget. Don’t fear – it’s possible to hold to a budget by following a few simple tips:

• Step 1 – Select all your major pieces at the same time. Buying your tub, vanity, sink, and toilet together will ensure that they match. You can then find faucets, showerheads, and other items that accent the major pieces.

• Step 2 – Shop early and stick with your choices. Nothing blows a budget faster than changing your mind about the vanity two days before it’s due to be installed.

• Step 3 – Skip the trendy gadgets. An aromatherapy showerhead may sound cool, but how often will you really use it? Bathroom trends quickly change. You can’t go wrong with a showerhead that’s remained popular for years.

Quality Bathroom Fixtures for the Long-Term
If you’re near your budget limit, you might be tempted to skimp on the small stuff like faucet knobs, medicine cabinets, or toilet paper holders. Don’t do it. Cheap bathroom fixtures wear out quickly and the cost of replacing them adds up. Spend a few extra dollars to get quality fixtures that will last for years with minimal maintenance.

A bathroom redesign is a daunting task, but a little thought and careful planning keeps it from being overwhelming. For the latest in quality bathroom fixtures and other bathroom design advice, contact us and have one of Edwards Plumbing, Inc. professionals visit and discuss your project.

By designing your new Bathroom with efficiency in mind, you’ll create a space where you’ll want to spend time.

Edwards Plumbing, Inc. knows how busy your life and schedule is! This is why we have staff dedicated to communicating with you in a variety of ways. We will email you with information about bathroom remodeling. We will show up in person to communicate with you and help you get your bathroom remodel project started and completed as quickly as you would like.

Everyday, we guide many homeowners in their search for the right solution as we assist them with their projects. Edwards Plumbing, Inc. can help you accomplish these projects quickly, effortlessly, and for the best price.



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